Video tutorials

What is Visitor Insight?

This tutorial explains you what the system is.

How to use Visitor Insight without logging in

This tutorial shows what you can do with the Tourism Barometer without logging in.


How to use the Data entry module

This tutorial may be helpful for you when being a partner of the Tourism Barometer who  enters the monthy figures concerning your organisation.

What type of information is available at Visitor Insight?

This tutorial explains which information can be found on Visitor Insight after you have logged into the system.

How to understand a module page

This video tutorial explains the various modules of the Tourism Barometer which emerge after logging in. As an example, all parts of the Museum module are discussed.


How to export data from Visitor Insight 

In this video tutorial the various options for exporting data from Visitor Insight are explained. This is only relevant to partners from amsterdam&partners or data-entering partners of the system that have a login code.


Reports and Publications in Visitor Insight:

How to use the Comparison module:

This video tutorial is about one of the key features of the Tourism Barometer, the Comparison module. This module gives endless possibilities in order to monitor the performances of the tourism sector in overall. The tutorial explains in a few steps how to make a comparison, which indicators can be selected and as last, how to read the comarison.


How to get help with Visitor Insight: